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Initial AHERA Worker English Course




4 Days

About the Course

    -Identifying Asbestos
    Materials that Contain Asbestos
    -Friable and Non-Friable Materials
    -Bulk Sampling
    -Types of Asbestos Fibers
    -Asbestos Diseases and Medical Exams
    -Types of Respirators
    -Fitting and Maintaining Respirators
    -Other Safety Equipment
    -Control Methods
    -Pre Work Activities and Considerations
    -Keeping Asbestos Out of the Air
    -Negative Air Machines
    -Setting-Up the Work Area
    -Record Keeping
    -Removing Asbestos
    -Waste Disposal during Removal
    -Cleanup and Disposal
    -Cleaning the Work Area
    -Removing Plastic
    -Waste Disposal during Cleanup
    -Lockdown/Spray back
    -Air Sampling
    -Maintenance-Related Removal
    -Glove Bags
    -Other Health and Safety Problems

The Training Instructor

Horacio Cuevas

Horacio Cuevas
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